7 Best Solar Power Banks in 2020 (Review)

Hello readers, as we all know that today we are surrounded by electronic gadgets, and we can’t live without them. One of the significant issues of any electronic gadget is a power supply and discharging. Due to heavy usage, we have to put our devices to recharge their batteries frequently. These frequent consumption of electricity not only gives your electricity bill a hike and your wallet; a pain, it also affects nature and enhances global warming. To date, the most amount of electricity we use; comes from thermal electricity plants, and the fuel that is used for the procedure increases greenhouse gases in the environment. Here we are going to introduce you to solar power banks. With the help of this pocket-friendly gadget, you can not only save on your electricity bills but also can save nature by adding no more pollution to it. 

Basics Of Solar Power Banks

7 Best Solar Power Banks in 2020 (Review)
7 Best Solar Power Banks in 2020 (Review)

Solar power banks come with a solar panel made of poly solar cells and a battery. You can charge this battery in the Sun and then use it to charge your other devices. These power banks have an accurate indicator, where you can see all the parameters you will need to stare at while using the product. There are a lot of brands and categories of solar power banks are available in the market and online merchant sites. Some of them offer more battery capacity, and some offer quick charging technology, and some offer multiple charging ports with a waterproof rubber protection over the charging outputs. 


An average solar power bank generally takes 3 to 4 hours for a healthy and full charge. Some brands are offering multiple solar panels for fast charging. The discharge time usually depends on the usage. On an average 10000 mAh power bank can charge your mobile phone twice, your iPad once and kindle nearly thrice. These solar power banks can be proved extremely productive at your long outdoor sessions and vigorous power cuts. Electricity comes with disgusting power cuts and faults in the same package, but the Sun usually won’t let you down if the sky is not extremely cloudy. You can hang it out of your bag and store the energy of the Sun and use it to charge all your gadgets later. Usually, the charging outputs deliver 2.1v. And it remains covered with waterproof materials to save the battery from caviar damage. We will wrap up by mentioning and recommending some solar power banks, and you can give a try. 

Some Top Power Banks

7 Best Solar Power Banks in 2020 (Review)
This is basically a Solar Panel Dual USB Output that you can use in your day to day life. It gets energy from sunlight and can be very useful as your daily accessories.

Here is a list of top 7 solar power banks that we rely on and recommend to you too.

BEARTWO 10000 mAh Solar Power Bank

Hilucikey 24000 mAh Solar Power Bank

ZeroLemon 26800 mAh Solar Power Bank

Nekteck 10000 mAh

Soluser 25000 mAh

Hoest 10000 mAh

OUTXE 20000 mAh

I hope you find the article helpful in favor of your choice. See you again soon. 

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