All about Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant -

All about Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo Plant

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Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo
Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo

These days, it has become quite obvious to see a Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo. One can find it stalled everywhere, be it reception of a hospital or a dining table at a restaurant. From school to corporate office, one can find as an accessory to decor.

For the ones who yet not realized what a feng shui bamboo is, especially, it is small with a cute appearing plant that keeps in either a vase of metal or glass. Since bamboo symbolizes prosperity, which made this tiny cut looking bamboo placed all everywhere.

Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo: Why Is It Considered Lucky?

Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo
Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo

From a historical period since today, bamboo represents something auspicious which attracts prosperity, abundance along with better health. Let us have an in-depth look at the lucky concept which comes with bamboo.

Bamboo Is Hollow From Inside:

Bamboo is seen to have a pipe-like structure. One believes that this tunnel-like feature helps in the movement of Chi(pronounced as Qi). Chi is energy. Therefore bamboo plant is regarded as allowing positive energy to move from within it, inviting prosperity and abundance.

Bamboo Is Hollow From The Inside(Again):

Yes, the same reason still makes bamboo lucky. The muffled figure of this unique plant helps with lessons of wisdom for letting the positive vibe move from within to the external outside world. This method helps in calming down your body as well as mind altogether, which in return helps in better concentration.

The Relation Of The Bamboo Plant To 5 Elements:

1: Fire: we can find a presence of red ribbon tied with the plant, the color red symbolizes fire.

2: Water: There is a particular time assigned for filling up the vase with water. Hence the concept of pool is covered here.

3: Earth: We can see the bottom of the plant planted on rocks, pebbles, clay stones. It represents a connection with the earth.

4: Wood: The plants itself represent wood.

5: Metal: the red ribbon ties with the metal coin or one can find the metal coin placed within the vase, here the connection to metal covers.

One can surely trust that lucky feng shui bamboo is associated with these five elements of nature.

But this does not state that lucky bamboo can be placed anywhere. Some proper sets of rules need to follow before placing the feng shui bamboo.

Lucky Feng Shui Bamboo: Different Locations

There are two locations where we can place the lucky feng shui bamboo plant:

1. East brings home health. With the placement of lucky feng shui bamboo in the east it helps in bringing home better health for the whole family.

2. Southeast brings home wealth. When the bamboo places in the southeast region of your area, it helps in bringing wealth and money for the family.

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