Bamboo Fence: Uses and Advantages -

Bamboo Fencing: Uses And Advantages

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Fencing is a process to create boundaries around a particular area. It can be done with different products. However, one of the most useful products for creating a fence is bamboo. Bamboo fencing is quite common in rural areas as it provides a hard texture and is of low cost.

Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo Fencing In Boundaries

Bamboo fencing is done using various varieties of bamboo. They are used to create a boundary for the cattle, herd and many other poultry products. It helps rural people to build up strong farms and houses. 

Use Of Bamboo

Bamboo is used because of its intense tensile pressure and holds power more than iron cables of the same amount. A hemp rope or a rope created with plants weakens when it gets wet. While on the other hand, a bamboo rope strengthens when wet. There are many reasons due to which bamboo fencing is preferred than many other fencing products.

Bamboo Fencing
Bamboo Fencing

Advantages Of Bamboo Fencing

  • With the help of bamboo, one can help in reducing the increasing rate of deforestation and take advantage of the comfortable and reusable resource.
  • Bamboo is much lighter in weight than hardwood. Therefore during the time of installation or making the bamboo fences together, it is easier and quicker.
  • Bamboo has a high resistance power. It can stand strong in severe weather changes. Strong heat and humidity do not bother the power of bamboo. The same goes for cold and snowy weather.
  • Bamboo is not considered to be a tree, rather it comes under the category of grass. There are plenty of bamboo farms all around the globe, and exploiting this creation of nature, would not cause global warming or extinction.
  • As bamboo is not a tree, it is quite environmentally friendly. It helps in reducing deforestation and helps in preventing global causes concerning environmental change.

Bamboo fencing is rapidly replacing the use of hardwood. It has a lot of benefits of hardwood and is used to create highly sustainable fencing. It can withstand extreme weather changes and doesn’t break or rot easily.

Bamboo is the only grass grown all over the world, and the use of it is increasing day by day. It creates way more wonders than just fencing. Due to its high resistance power, a properly created bamboo fence last longer than 20 years.

Disadvantage Of Bamboo Fencing

Although it has a high resistance power, bamboo is a fire-risky substance. As it is dry, it burns like any other dry vegetation. It is risky mostly during the summer season as during that time forest fires are common. That is one of the disadvantages of bamboo fencing.

However, bamboo has still proven to be the best material used for fencing due to many of its beneficiary uses. It is considered the only material fencing which lasts long and is highly persistent. Therefore, people have already shifted from hardwood fencing to bamboo fencing. It costs less than that of hardwood fencing.

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