Bamboo Palm: How To Plant And Care

Bamboo Palm: How To Plant And Care

Bamboo palms are considered to be healthy and lucky for houses. It brings warmth and prosperity in dwellings. There are many kinds of indoor plants that increase the oxygen level in rooms and provide fresh air. However, most of them require bright indirect sunlight to survive and grow. Bamboo palm thrives in low light and grows taller in the sun. The highest height of a bamboo palm varies from four feet to twelve feet.

Steps To Grow Bamboo Palm

Bamboo palms are one of the ancient plants that were grown by the Chinese in ancient times. It started with the Chinese that bamboo plants were considered feng shui for houses and offices. Nowadays, people all over the world keep bamboo palms in their rooms and offices for good fortune, love, and prosperity.

Bamboo Palm: How To Plant And Care
Bamboo Palm: How To Plant

Choice Of Plant

To grow a bamboo palm in pots is an easy job for anyone. To plant a bamboo palm one must use a healthy plant, as it will be easy to grow and maintain. There are two specifications of sturdy bamboo. One is that the leaves are dark green, and the other is the habit of frequent erection.  It is better to avoid plants that have brown foliage.

Plant In Soil

It is smart to transfer the palm in the soil right after the purchase. The palm needs a container that is two inches larger than the soil pot to plant. One must make sure of an adequate number of drainage holes in the pan. The best suggestion is to cover the holes with a light cloth to keep the soil intact.

Bamboo Palm: How To Plant And Care
Bamboo Palm: How To Care

Water The Plant

High-quality potting soil is suggested to use for better growth of the bamboo palms. Fill the container with the land up till one quarter. Next place the seed in the middle of the pot. Add soil to the rest of the bowl until it reaches one inch from the rim of the container. After that, gently pack the earth with hands that are surrounding the plant. 

Place The Plant

The next step is to water the plant immediately after the plantation. It is better to place the pot in a place with immense sunlight or an area that receives bright sunlight. The plantation process is complete, now only

Bamboo Palm: How To Care

The real reason why people love to place a bamboo palm in their houses is the ease to care. The bamboo palm does not take time and energy to care. One only needs to water the plant once the surface is dry. It usually happens once in six or seven days. The technique to wet the palms is to keep the soil moist. It is better to avoid overwatering the soil. It is necessary to check the drainage system of the pot. Regular drainage is essential for containers.

Some people use fertilizers on the bamboo palms during the growing season. Granular fertilizers are best for the bamboo palms to grow. To read and follow the guide in the manufacturing packet is recommended. Always use the compost in water. After a certain growth period, change the pot into a bigger one for better growth of the plant. Sometimes, the plant can catch mites or bugs under the leaves. In such cases, soapy water helps to get rid of them. It is better to remove the brown leaves.

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