Bamboo Pen: Natural And Renewable

Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant

Bamboo is an evergreen tropical plant that grows very quickly. The strength of bamboo can be a rival for steel also. Because of its strength, the various uses of bamboo make it a unique plant. For instance, we use it as an edible plant or an ornamental plant. People use it in making buildings, bridges, vases, baskets, kitchen utensils, and whatnot. In addition, we use bamboo to making various stationery products like paper, cardboard, pens, etc. Artisans make the bamboo pen. It is a beautifully handcrafted natural, eco-friendly, and completely renewable resource. Artisans make the bamboo pen using a single piece of bamboo or reed. That is why we also call it “reed pen”. It is one of the oldest types of pen used since Asian times. India is the world’s second-largest grower of bamboo.

Reasons For The Popularity Of Bamboo Pens

People consider bamboo as one of the easiest investments. Also, making pens is not a very difficult job by village artisans. This pen is sleek, pretty and eco-friendly.

Villagers make artistic pens using bamboo. Artisans make these pens using reed bamboo or coconut shell. Artisans make these pens as small businesses. They are coached to run and support their own bamboo business.

Bamboo Pen: Natural And Renewable
Bamboo Pen: Natural And Renewable

Benefits Of Using Bamboo Pens

By using bamboo pens we are not only taking a step forward but also switching from Non-Biodegradable items to natural compostable ones. By doing this we are protecting ourselves from harmful chemicals that leach out of plastic.

Plastic is very harmful to our bodies as well as for the environment. Bamboo pens range from 35rupees to 1000 rupees. 

Different Sizes Of Bamboo Pens

As per the demand and requirement, bamboo pens come in various shapes and sizes. We can use bamboo pens for personal purposes or corporate gifting. So the size depends.

The different sizes of bamboo pens available are:

  • Small- the size of which ranges between 3mm to 4 mm
  • Medium- the size of which ranges between 5mm to 8mm
  • Large- the size of which ranges between 8mm to 15mm

Different Types Of Bamboo Pens

Different  “types” of bamboo pens are available in the market. As mentioned above that bamboo pens can be used for personal or corporate gifting there their type also depends upon these factors. The various types of bamboo pens are:

  • Bamboo Ballpen: We use this pen for text writing.
  • China Bamboo Pen: This is a higher model of a bamboo ball pen. Its price is also higher than the bamboo ball pen.
  • Wooden Black Bamboo Pen
  • Bamboo Fountain Pen: It requires the ink to penetrate through it.
  • Calligraphy Pen: Artists use this pen. It is used for mainly calligraphy purposes. Bamboo calligraphy pen was found years ago. Arabic calligraphers found it to be ideal for calligraphy. 


Bamboo India is one of the enterprises which produce bamboo pens and other bamboo products. They aim to replace plastic products with their innovative and eco-friendly bamboo products. They also aim to change the perception of bamboo as the “Poor Man’s Timber ” to the  “Wise Man’s Timber.” The versatile use of bamboo makes it a unique plant.

Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant
Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant
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