Bamboo Plants: Facts and Cultivation -

Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation

Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation

Bamboo plant falls under the grass species.  It is in various places all over the world. There are about 1500 species of the plant across the globe. Bamboo is a woody everlasting plant that has several uses. The plant comes in various shapes and sizes. Some of the plants are giant in form, while others are small. 

Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation
Bamboo Plant: Facts

Facts Everyone Must Know About Bamboo Plant

Properties Of The Plant

There are some unknown facts about the plant. The shoots of bamboo are considered stronger than iron and steel. Bamboo is a pure plant with unique features and versatility. The natural composition of bamboo helps it to be antibacterial. According to an experiment, bamboo killed the entire bacteria in a day.

Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation
Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation

Organic Clothes

Bamboo is used to manufacture clothes, diapers, and towels, etc. which are environment-friendly. Many people love to use natural clothes. Bamboo is the best option to start using organic garments. The antibacterial quality of the plant helps the clothes to stay fresh for an extended period. It can help people to save water and save the environment.

Good Source Of Food

Bamboo is a food source in many parts of Asia. Often people think of it as a fatty food. However, the plant is free of fat and calories. Bamboo is considered a good source of fiber. The favorite food of Pandas is Bamboo. They only feed on Bamboos and gain up to 200 pounds.

A Sign Of Good Health

Bamboo is considered to be a sign of good health. It is a perfect example of strength and flexibility. Bamboo symbolizes harmony and helps to develop a sense of balance in human life. This plant has many medicinal and therapeutical qualities that help to cure numerous diseases.

Bamboo Plant: Facts And Cultivation
Bamboo Plant

How To Cultivate The Plant?

A bamboo plant is a small grass, which needs to be taken proper care of properly. It thrives in a moist and loamy soil. The loamy soil helps maintain the grip of the rhizomes. The rhizomes of a plant are dense and spread rapidly. This rapid growth leads to the emergence of culms from above the ground.

Culms might appear on grounds which are a bit distant from the bamboo plants. These plants are invasive, and proper care is a must. The rhizomes can be taken care of with the help of detailed knowledge about the plant. The flexibility and strength of the plant help it during extreme temperatures. A bamboo plant can thrive in a tropical region as well as can resist the harsh cold weathers.

Uses Of Bamboo Plant

  • Furniture making
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Making utensils
  • Proper houses
  • Medicinal Purposes
  • Making clothes
  • Making accessories.

Bamboo plants are highly in demand. The different uses of bamboo make it an attractive plant. It is an eco-friendly plant, which helps in reducing deforestation. Bamboo plants are a replacement of hardwood. Not only is bamboo a plant and belongs to the grass category, but also it has different shapes and sizes. Bamboo trees are the giant version of bamboo plants.

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