Bamboo Plant: Facts, Species And Uses

Bamboo: Facts, Species and uses

Bamboo is a plant of the grass family that has risen in production. The main reason behind this is its creativity and uses. It is the most unique plant. The plantation is growing in various countries. There are many places that entirely depend on it .for living.

Bamboo Plant: Facts, Species And Uses
Bamboo Plant: Facts, Species And Uses

1500 species of bamboo are present. There were many species that made their way to the Australian gardens. However,  most of those species were invasive. This has drastically deteriorated the reputation of the plant. There are varieties of species with its height ranging from 3 to 30 meters. It is available in various shapes, colors, and sizes.

Bamboo is the world’s fastest and largest producer of biomass. It is used as a building material for fences,  benchtops,  flooring, and screens. it is also used for any kind of production of paper or clothing. The juices are tasty,  healthy and edible. In various countries like China, its extracts are used for various medicinal purposes and ancient food. Since there is a huge number of species, it always comes into use for some of the other purposes.

Uses Of The Bamboo Plant

Bamboo Plant: Facts, Species And Uses
Bamboo Plant: Facts, Species And Uses

Building Roads

In Orissa, people use the plants to build roads. In many areas, people use it to build bridges. Various places of China and India have small or long bridges.

Medicinal Purposes

Black bamboo shoots can treat kidney diseases. In China,  the roots and leaves of the plant treat cancer and other general diseases. In small villages,  the water from the side branches of plant treats bone diseases.

Used To Build Houses

In many villages,  people use it to build their houses. According to a report by UNESCO,  70 hectares of the tree can produce about a thousand houses.  The use of timber instead of the plant was not possible as it would require the plants to fall by entirely destroying the forest. About one billion people all over the world live in bamboo houses.

Make Clothes

The plant has started the new trend of manufacturing organic clothes. Socks,  robes,  T-shirts, and boxers are common products of the plant.

Bamboo Accessories

In various parts of the world,  people make jewelry out of bamboo. Necklace,  bracelets,  earrings and various others.

Used As Food

The Asians usually use shoots of the plants to make food. Its skin is natural food preservatives. The elephants and pandas feed on bamboo shoots and leaves.

Used To Make Diapers

There are many people organic and sustainable things for their daily needs. Diapers are the best thing to start their aim to go green. The antibacterial quality of bamboo clothes can retain even after fifty washes.

Bamboo is used to make several other useful things that people use for their daily chores.   Spoons,  crockery sets,  ladles, etc can be made from bamboo. Musical instruments like didgeridoos,  saxophone,  flute, etc are made of bamboo.

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