Bamboo Tree Benefits: Facts And Uses -

Bamboo Tree: Facts And Uses

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Bamboo is a type of grass, which has many different uses. There are varieties of a bamboo tree all over the world. Bamboo is basically a woody everlasting plant, which comes under the category of grass. There different sizes of a bamboo plant. Some of them are giant or huge, and some of them are small and represent the grass category.

Bamboo Tree: Facts And Uses
About Bamboo

There are mainly 91 groups and 1000 kinds of Bamboo. Bamboos survive in extreme climatic conditions. It can thrive in diverse conditions starting from humid tropical areas to cold mountains. Although we know bamboo is a grass, however, the giant version of bamboo grass is commonly called Bamboo trees. The size of the bamboo is similar to that of a tree.

Facts About Bamboo Tree

  1. The stem of bamboo is also known as a Culms
  2. The height or length of a bamboo tree varies a few centimeters up to 40 meters.
  3. The diameter of the stem is 1mm to 30cm.
  4. Stems are connected with the help of normal or regular nodes.
  5. During cultivation, much care is required by the plants to hold up an invasive behavior.
  6. Their roots spread all around the ground, extending much deeper.
  7. Due to the intense spreading of roots, culms cut open grounds to be new plants.
Bamboo Tree: Facts And Uses
Bamboo Tree: Facts And Uses

Bamboo tree is considered to be the sign of health. It is a perfect example of the composition of strength and pliability. It is compared to harmony and a sense of balance in the human body as well as human life. It is also used as a gift to provide the receivers with blessings of good health.

Bamboos hold a world record for the fastest growing plant. A particular type of 45 group bamboos was seen to be growing around 91cm tall in around a day with the growing speed of 0.00003km/hr.

A variety of bamboos including the Sasa, Fargesia and Thamnocalamus group do not require much sunlight and prefer shady areas for their growth. On the other hand, the giant bamboo that is the bamboo tree needs mostly sunlight to grow properly. The bamboo plant, in the initial weeks, needs watering artificially or by natural precipitation to keep the roots moist. The roots are an important part of the plant, and it is essential to keep the roots moist. However, the bamboo plant doesn’t tolerate wet soil. A bamboo plant cannot thrive in wet soil. This is due to osmosis. Immense osmosis causes the roots to swell up, leading the plant to rupture its rhizomes. 

Benefits Of Bamboo Tree

  • Furniture making
  • Bamboo Fencing
  • Making utensils
  • Proper houses
  • Medicinal Purposes
  • Making clothes
  • Making accessories.

In today’s world, a lot of things depend upon bamboo trees.  People in many countries live on the plant. The uses and benefits of the plant have made the tree one of the important resources of nature. It has a lot of benefits and is cheap than many other substitutes. The qualities of bamboos make it more desirable. The resistance and strength of a bamboo plant are what makes it more attractable.

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