Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant -

Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant

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The lucky bamboo plant is an evergreen plant which is very easy to grow at home. The plant is known as the most popular Feng Shui cures. There are many benefits of a lucky bamboo plant. In addition, it also brings good luck and wealth when kept in the right place. There are many benefits of lucky bamboo. It is called lucky bamboo because it represents love, happiness, health, and luck.


Lucky bamboo is also called the Dracaena.  It is said that it shows the Chinese culture which is about 4000 years old. Lucky bamboo is also a popular Feng Shui remedy used to bring good luck and prosperity. It is also said that lucky bamboo symbolizes strength and development due to its fast growth.

Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant
Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant

What Does It Represent

Lucky bamboo brings happiness, prosperity, good luck, and good health only if kept in the right direction and correct place. The stalks are more important than the stem of this plant. Each stock represents some or the other aspect of our lives. For example:

2 stalks represent love

3stalks shows happiness

4 stalks show death

5 stalk shows good health

6 stalk shows good luck

7 stock shows good wealth

10 stalk shows perfection.

The philosophy behind the stalks and what it represents is mesmerizing. The lucky bamboo is also categorized by different names. It is also known as the curly bamboo, friendship bamboo, ribbon plant and also Chinese water bamboo.

Do’s And Dont’s

Lucky bamboo is not an easy plant to maintain. It requires care and attention. One should know all about the plant. In order for the plant to live and grow properly, one should follow some instructions carefully.

Always use purified water so that the bamboo grows perfectly. The growth of bamboo is decline if not watered properly. In addition, do not keep the water level to high or too low. A balanced level of water is crucial in keeping the plant alive. Also, keep an eye on the vase. The vase should never be empty.  Keep it at a place which you daily visit. For example, your study table or your workplace is perfect locations.

Never keep the vase of the bamboo or the pot of the bamboo in a very cold or heating area. And one most important thing, never let dust stay on the leaves of the bamboo plant. Try to clean it with a cloth or a brush for better results. 

Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant
Benefits Of A Lucky Bamboo Plant


There is no scientific evidence of the plant bringing luck. However, there is no harm in trying. If with a little care it brings us happiness then we must have the lucky bamboo in our houses.

It is also said if you gift a bamboo plant to someone, it symbolizes that you wish for is his/her growth, happiness, and prosperity.

The growth of the bamboo signifies freshness and creativity. Always remember that we should keep a lucky bamboo plant in a transparent glass vase. So that its roots are clearly visible and we can see its growth easily. 

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