Caring Tips For Your Lucky Bamboo Plant

Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky bamboo is indeed a fascinating plant. If you are just starting out to become a gardener, then this is one plant that you can grow without any hassle. These plants are simple to grow and there is no need of putting in a lot of efforts with their maintenance. On top of that, they look amazing and you can show them off to your guests. First things first, you should be aware that the bamboo trees aren’t made out of bamboo. They look just like bamboo and hence they are called as a bamboo plant. The material they are made from is dracaena. The lucky bamboo plant has been a culture in China for a long time now and it has gained popularity across the world lately.


This is the first and foremost thing that you have to know about. The bamboo plant will do great in the perfect lighting conditions. While it can survive the conditions without light also, it isn’t possible for it to grow in the low light conditions effectively. Do not expose the lucky bamboo plant directly to the sun as it will burn. One thing that you have to remember with this plant is that you have to keep rotating it so that all the sides of the plant get enough lighting.

Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboo Plant
Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboo Plant


When it comes to watering the plants, the opinion of one gardener differs from others. Some of the gardeners who changes the water all the time, then there are some who change it every now and then. There are a set of people who don’t change the water at all. So this completely depends upon the individual. It is better to change the water once in 7 days. If the water is smelling bad, you can do it even early too.

If your tap water is hard, then it is important to use distilled or purified water to the lucky bamboo plant. The dracaena is highly prone to tipping when it is exposed to the normal water so it is better if you use the distilled water for prolonged use of the bamboo plant.

Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboo Plant
Caring Tips For Lucky Bamboo Plant

Size Of The Container

If you are growing your lucky bamboo plant in a low bowl, then ensure that it has more space to accommodate the roots of the plant. The minimum space that the dish has should be one inch or more. As the plant grows, it needs a lot of space to spread its roots. So it is important for you to be extremely careful with the size of the container that you are using.


The lucky bamboo plant doesn’t need fertilization but if you feel like it is necessary then you can go with a special fertilizer that has been made especially for the bamboo plant. Do not use any kind of fertilizer just for the sake of it. This will affect the plant and its growth altogether. So be extremely careful with the type of fertilizer you are using.


  • Do not keep water level high, only roots must be covered.
  • Roots should be in the water all the time
  • Do not place the plant in direct sun
  • Clean the leaves with a brush from time to time.
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