Decorate Your House With An Indoor Bamboo Plant -

Decorate Your House With An Indoor Bamboo Plant

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Decorate your house with an indoor bamboo plant. Decorating houses with indoor plants is a trend since ages. People who like to stay close to nature choose the option to decorate their home with plants. Recently the craze of planting an indoor bamboo plant is trending. Keeping the bamboo plants inside the house is supposed to bring prosperity and happiness. Due to this belief, the sale of the indoor bamboo plant has skyrocketed. Before you decorate your house with an indoor bamboo plant, you should know about it first. It has become the most popular indoor plant in India. The plant is imported from China and Taiwan in India.

Description Of Indoor Bamboo Plant

It is a perennial herb. Its height can increase up to 100 cm. The stem is quite fleshy and can be twisted into a spiral and many other shapes when it is young. This makes the plant look even more beautiful. The leaves of the plant are slightly twisted. The length of the leaves can go up to 23 cm. The plant requires bright and ventilated areas. It tolerates the dry air and does not require spraying of water constantly.

Decorate Your House With Indoor Bamboo Plant
Decorate Your House With Indoor Bamboo Plant

Cultivation Of The Plant

The indoor bamboo plant is a popular indoor plant. It can be grown in a confined space with scattered sunlight. Under the direct sunlight, the color of the leaves become yellow or it may even burn. The temperature range of 15 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celcius is optimum for the plant to grow. The plant requires scattered sunlight, average warmth, regular watering, and water spray to grow during cultivation.

Price Of An Indoor Bamboo Plant

The indoor bamboo plant is also known as lucky bamboo. This plant is believed to give you good fortune, prosperity, and health. People buy them, especially during new years eve. It makes for a great gift for your loved ones. The price may range from $2 to $100.

Tips To Care For The Plant

The bamboo grows in the water. Do not keep the plant under the direct sunlight. Keep rotating the plant on a daily basis so that it receives even light on all sides. Use distilled or purified water for the plant if the tap water is hard. Immerse the root completely in water and change when the foul smell starts to come from the water. Take a container that gives 1” space to the plant. This way the roots can spread out and the plant can stay green. This plant does not need any fertilizer. Lastly, do not let dust collect on the leaves because the pores of the leaves need to breathe.

Decorate Your House With Indoor Bamboo Plant
Decorate Your House With Indoor Bamboo Plant


Green plants give peace to your heart. It soothes your eyes and fills the house with positive energy.

The indoor bamboo plant is one of the easiest house plants to grow at home. It requires the least maintenance and looks fascinating and interesting as a plant. 

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