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Famous Bamboo Forest In China

Bamboo Forest: Famous In China

The bamboo forest is present in five continents in the world. China is the first country to recognize the importance of the plant in the environment and real life. China is the largest producer and manufacturer of bamboo products. People from all over the world use bamboo products. Forests of China are beautiful and brings prosperity and happiness to lives.

Bamboo Forest: Famous In China
Bamboo Forest

Fun Facts About Bamboo Forests Of China

Major Tourist Attraction

Every year, thousands of people fly to the country of China to visit the famous bamboo forests. The forests of China are a significant tourist attraction and a must-visit. The sustainability of China has gradually increased by 14% since 2016. The country has boosted the tourism industry and deserves enormous credit.

Bamboo Forest: Famous In China
Bamboo Forest: Famous In China

The Shunan Forest Of China

The Shunan region of China is the oldest place in China. The forest is a famous tourist attraction and a wonder. It has numerous waterfalls and hiking trails. There is a cable ride in the woods that takes people to the top of the forest. The area has maximum oxygen composition, which helps the visitors to feel refreshed. The forest contains around fifty varieties of bamboo plants. The mirror lake and the beautiful destination is an ideal place for many film shootings.

Most Of The Forests Are In Southern China

The climate in southern China is subtropical and humid. It is ideal for the growth of bamboos. The summer humidity provides enough moisture to the plants. The winters are not too cold and perfect for the bamboos to grow. The area gets enough rainfall in monsoon.

A Total Of 300 Species

Green Bamboo- Perennial Natural Plant

Approximately three hundred species of bamboo is present in China. Common and recognizable species of bamboo is present in the forests of China. One of the famous bamboo variety, the Moso Bamboo shell accessible for its tortoiseshell stem are present in the woods. Teague blue, timber black, etc. are some of the bamboos varieties

China Is The Largest Source Of Bamboo In The World

There are various bamboo forests located in parts of Thailand, Japan, etc. However, they are not vast and unique like the jungles of China. About one-fifth of the world supply of bamboo manufactured by China.

Bamboo Mushrooms All Over The Forest

Various types of flora and fauna are formed all over the bamboo forest. The bamboo mushrooms, also known as veiled lady, live and grow in the subtropical forests of China. These mushrooms are delicious and have its medicinal uses.

The Chopsticks Are Made From Chinese Bamboos

The chopsticks are famous all over the world, and Chinese people use it all the time. The country produces around sixty million chopstick pairs every year.

The Tallest Bamboo Plant Is Present In China

The bamboo institute Yunnan Normal University created an artificial forest commonly known as Menghai forest. The scientists noticed the tallest bamboo plant of 157ft in the woods.

The forests of China are famous all over the world. The cultivation and maintenance of the plants in China are maintained. It is a home for red pandas and golden monkeys.

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