Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant

Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant

Green bamboo is an evergreen perennial natural plant. We can use bamboo for making bridges, houses, scaffolding, beds, toys, and many more things. The plant is strong like steel and has compressive strength like concrete. As it is hollow it is light weighted. Therefore, it can hold weight up to 4 tons. Green bamboos are earthquake resistant, genuine, eco-friendly renewable resources. They are the most ancient perennial grasses of the plant kingdom. In addition, Bamboos are eco-friendly and are a sustainable resource with endless uses.

Growth Of Green Bamboo

Some bamboos grow up to 91 cm in 24 hours at the rate of 4 cm per hour. In 60 days bamboo produces new canes and grow in height. New leaves grow in the plant every year. The cane of the plant lives basically for 10 years. The existing plant enables the bamboo to expand the root structure. It takes almost three years to grow properly. It depends on different species, selection, soil, sunlight, climate and watering conditions for the growth of bamboos.

Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant
Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant

Bamboo Growth Cycle

●Initial planting:- In the initial period, the height and diameter of bamboo do not increase much.

●First  Spring  – During Spring the new shoots appear which can grow up to 4 feet per day. This growth cycle usually lasts 60 days.

●First summer  – After 60 days of the growth period, the cane stops to grow.

●The second summer- The plants use the energy of other plants and keep on growing.

● The third summer- even after 7 to 10 years of the plantation, the plants continue to produce larger canes.

Plantation Of Green Bamboo

Planters grow them as hedges along pathways. It serves as a divider on roads. Bamboosa Multiplex is a species used for this purpose

People also plant green bamboo on the edges of boundaries which serves as fences. It serves as a beautiful private screen. Species like thyrsostachys isamen sis and Bambus  Multiplex is used.

People use tall green bamboos for windbreaks. These are planted in single rows to form of fence. Species like Bambusa Blumeana and Bambusa Bambos are used for this purpose. We can also use green Bamboo as a beautiful indoor plant that can be grown in containers or decorative vases. If you are growing bamboo in small containers put pebbles at the bottom. It will enable the plant to stay moist. Phyllostachys aurea and Nigra are some good bamboos for this purpose.

Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant
Green Bamboo Perennial Natural Plant


People sell green Bamboo for various purposes. For example, we can use it for a private screening, botanical Garden, Biomass application, indoor plants, and accent planting.

Green bamboos are not only authentic but elegant. People should use it with creativity to make most of its curves. It is an evergreen gift of nature. We should protect and respect it. It’s one of the sustainable timbers and has endless uses. They are an exceptionally unique plant with extraordinary benefits.

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