Tips For Growing Bamboo Indoors Baskets

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Bamboo is the easiest indoor plant to grow and demands minimal care to remain in shape throughout the year. Usually, we see the common bamboo plant in our indoors known as the Dracaena Sanderiana or the lucky bamboo. If you are desirous of growing bamboo indoors and decorating your indoors, this article can be of great use for you, where we discuss growing and caring tips for the species. As a fact, indoor bamboo plants are of size ranging from 6 to 12 inches in length. Though they are most comfortable growing in pebbles, you can use soil with proper techniques.

Tips For Growing Bamboo Indoors Baskets
Tips For Growing Bamboo Indoors Baskets

Clean And Proper Planter: Growing Bamboo Indoors

  • Two inches bigger in diameter than the plant.
  • A clean planter is important.
  • Heavy glass made planters are appreciable/ ceramic are also used.
  • Drainage hole to clear out excess water.

Soil Or Water?

  • Both are okay
  • Important to control the amount of fertilizer in case of soil.
  • Maintain the amount of water in other cases.
  • If using water, pebbles are required.
  • Careful while planting.
  • While using water, use the pabbles correctly to allow the plant to stand good.
  • Use distilled water to avoid contaminations from chemicals.
  • To use soil, put one-third each of sand, moss, and soil.
  • Crucial is a drainage hole to clear out the excess water.


  • Normally, if the base is water, no need to water the plant.
  • Change the water every week.
  • If it is soil, watering is a must and has to be in limit.
  • Don’t allow the soil to get dry.
  • Enough Air, light, and controlled temperature.
  • You can’t expose them to direct sunlight.
  • Keeping the planter aside from the window can be a good option.

Put The Fertilizer Wisely: Growing Bamboo Indoors

  • Applying fertilizer here needs utmost care.
  • Plants are not exposed to direct sunlight to keep the fertilizer undiluted for long.
  • Use the fertilizer in a small amount/better if you use liquid one and spray in on plant
  • Eliminating yellow and deceased parts.
  • It’s a must to remove leaves turning to yellow.
  • Clean the water and pebbles to help the plants getting water supply.
  • Rinse the plants but not for a long time.
  • Use a sterilized scissor to amputate the affected parts.
Tips For Growing Bamboo Indoors Baskets
Tips For Growing Bamboo Indoors Baskets

Straightening Of The Green Stalks

  • You can involve the styling process here to cut the plants straight or curl.
  • Arranging it properly:
  • Tie them together with a wire or ribbon.
  • Use a colorful ribbon for beauty looks.
  • Trimming is important to provide a treat for eyes.

 In a nutshell, a bamboo plant requires the least care but manages special charm to the beauty of that house. Your process starts with buying the plant, where you need to consider some facts like evenly green plants, no brown leaves, and a healthy plant overall. Remember to avoid buying plants with bad order to avoid rotten ones. It is not about putting a lot of care bor stress. Taking care of indoor bamboo plants are so easy and normal that it will look simpler for anyone to get healthy and green growth.

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