How To Use Lucky Bamboo For Luck and Prosperity -

How To Use Lucky Bamboo For Luck and Prosperity

Lucky Bamboo
Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips
Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips

People can get Lucky Bamboo ubiquitously these years. From educational institutes to hospitals, from restaurants to homes, one is sure to catch a single glace of lucky bamboo there. Bamboo is a symbol of prosperity. Hence people these days, are looking for this mini bamboo place to place in their vicinities.

But is it the right choice, to place the bamboo anywhere — definitely a no-no. One must know the aura which comes with lucky bamboo. It is not a standard decor item. Instead, it is itself a positive vibe, which helps the owner as well his family in the long run.

Some Uses Of Lucky Bamboo:

Luck comes with lucky bamboo. Success as in abundance, prosperity, health, wealth accompanies lucky bamboo. The perfect usage is just by giving a lucky bamboo to someone. You can gift it to someone whom you wish to have good health, abundance, and wealth. It grows towards the light. Hence it makes it easy for its owner to shape accordingly. Moreover, it requires less water daily.

If you are looking for love, beauty, sufficient money to meet your requirements, health then bringing home bamboo is the right choice. The positive energy which tags along with this bamboo is sure to help the owner along with his family members shortly.

Why Is Bamboo Regarded To Be Lucky?

Positive aura comes with bamboo. This bamboo not only helps with decorating the household but also brings peace, calmness, prosperity, abundance with it. The structure which it posses symbolizes purity. It is a woody horizontal plant which influences physical activity, vitality, and energy. Bamboo requires less light for growth and is generally found to grow in adverse weather conditions. It is teaching us that no matter the situation, one must never lose hope and remain positive all along. It can attract the positive Qi energy to flow through it and deliver the environment with positivity it breaths.

Placement Of Feng Shui Bamboo:

Direction matters the most for installation of lucky Feng Shui bamboo, be it your workplace or be it your home. East or southeast location suits the best for its placement. The eastern region attracts health, while the southeastern part attracts wealth and money.

The 5 Elements With Lucky Bamboo:

1. Earth: clay, pebbles, rocks can be found at the bottom of the plant, representing the earth’s relation to bamboo.

2. Fire: one sees a red ribbon tie with this bamboo stalks; this represents the connection of fire elements with bamboo.

3. Water: This bamboo has an assigned timing for water the plant; this relates the context of water with the bamboo.

4. Wood: Bamboo plant itself is wood connecting itself with the element of wood. 5. Metal: A metal coin is placed within the vase of the bamboo plant which connects the metal element with bamboo.

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