Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips -

Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips

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Speaking of an indoor bamboo plant, who can forget the Lucky Bamboo?  It is a fantastic houseplant from the bamboo family. It grows in water and is perfect for beginners into gardening. Taking care of this plant can be a very relaxing pastime and a stress buster.

Nowadays, a lot of people believe in keeping the plant inside their workplaces and homes because it is known to promote prosperity and happiness. It is not real bamboo but appears like one. Some tips that will help you in taking good care of this indoor bamboo plant are as follows:

Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips
Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips

Light For Your Indoor Bamboo

The plant thrives very well in a bright glow. It can tolerate low-level light but will not grow much. You should avoid placing it under hot and direct sunlight. Rotating the plant is necessary to ensure it gets proper light in all directions.

Watering Your Indoor Bamboo Plant

When it comes to finding information on watering the Lucky bamboo, you will get mixed opinions. Some people say it is good not to change its water regularly while others are of the view that frequent water changes are necessary. Then there is another group with claims of watering the plant daily.

You can choose to water it the way you want. The only thing you need to ensure is that water covers the roots of the plant thoroughly. Watering the plant every two to seven days will be a good idea. Nevertheless, check if the water smells bad. If it does, change the water immediately. Also, if the tap water in your home is hard, use purified or distilled water.

The Lucky Bamboo Arrangement

You can plant your lucky bamboo in a bowl or low dish according to what you are comfortable with. Regardless of the size of the container, you have chosen for the arrangement, make sure there is a minimum one-inch space in between for the roots to spread evenly.

If your bamboo plant has grown to a considerable size in a dish or tray, consider transferring it to a larger container. This way, its roots will not get crowded. Also, do not forget to decorate this beautiful plant with different accessories. These indoor bamboo plants look fine in glass chips, pebbles, and rocks.

Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips
Indoor Bamboo Care: Some Useful Tips

Fertilizer And Pests

Lucky bamboo needs no fertilizer. But if you think yours needs one, get it from the market. You will find specially designed fertilizers for these houseplants. Coming to pests and infestations, these bamboo plants are susceptible to infestations by spider mites. It generally happens during the winter and fall. Also, watch out for mealy and scale bugs along with thrips.

Things To Avoid

Some things you should avoid doing when you have an indoor bamboo plant in your home are as follows:

  • Do not allow the plant to dry out. For this make sure the roots are submerged in water always.
  • Avoid placing the plant near cooling or heating vents. Keep it away from cold drafts.
  • Avoid high levels of water. Just make sure that the roots are covered.
  • Do not allow dust to collect on its leaves as the pores require reasonable amounts of oxygen to grow.

Proper arrangement for the plant will make it thrive in your home for years.

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