Tips To Acquire Knowledge About The Bamboo House Plant Care

Bamboo House Plant Care

Feng shui has introduced a bamboo house plant in our lives long ago. It is a sign of positivity and prosperity for which people want to take care of the bamboo house plant. The bamboo house plant care is not more than what it brings into our lives. This can be a thoughtful and wise gift for anyone. In this article, we will discuss bamboo house plant care. 

Bamboo is a house plant in Southeast Asia and is widely accepted as a happiness plant. The bamboo plants are famous because of their shapes and sizes. They bring a great look to the corners of your house, only when they are in good shape. Let’s discuss tips on how you can take care of the bamboo house plant. 

Bamboo House Plant Care Tips

You must consider having it indoor, where it can receive indirect sunlight. These are often advised to keep near your bed to create positivity in your sleeping area. There is no fancy maintenance required, these are very easy to care about plants, suitable for office space as well. You can grow it in water bowls or pots, and if so, you must change the water once in a week. If you desire to grow it in soil, make sure to keep the soil damp, neither overly wet nor dry. The temperature between 18 degrees Celsius to 35 degrees Celsius is considered the best for these plants. They grow the best tropical conditions, hence temperature below 15 degrees can be bad for the bamboo plant. You can have wooden cutlery from bamboo and use it in your home.

Best Bamboo House Plant Care
Best Bamboo House Plant Care

Best Tips To Grow A Bamboo House Plant

Just a few steps combined can save the bamboo plant from dying. Proper temperature, water, sunlight, and timely propagation are few important steps to follow. When you get a plant, place it in a pot with rocks in the bottom to act as an anchor to the plant. Fill the water until the roots are submerged in it and place it under direct sunlight. Pluck out the yellow leaves from time to time, and switch to a bigger container as the roots outgrow. 

Do not place it in front of a window or the balcony as it can burn the plant. When you notice the outer corners or edges of your leaves turning brownish like almost burnt, move them. Move them away from the sunlight and place it away where it receives lesser light. 

Check Water Levels For Bamboo House Plant Care

When you are growing in soil, don’t overdo the water, nor let it completely dry off – slightly keeping it damp always is the key. Overwatering can cause root decay in the plants. You can also grow it in direct water, just remember to cover the root with water. When the level goes down, refill it for the better health of your plant. Alongside changing freshwater in every 7 days, clean the pot as algae also can grow in it. 

Best Bamboo House Plant Care Guide
Best Bamboo House Plant Care Guide


Tap water is good for the bamboo plant but if it has chlorine content, keep the water out for 8 hours. This will give time for evaporation, then you can use it for your plant.  

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