Lucky Bamboo: Things Made From Bamboo -

Lucky Bamboo: Things Made From Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo: Things Made From Bamboo

You have decorated your home with lush green plants of lucky bamboo. Even sometimes, you preferred to gift someone a bunch of lucky bamboos to bring them good fortune. But today we will talk about something new – fancy folding fans made of lucky bamboo. These folding hand-fans look precisely like traditional Chinese hand-fans.

Things Made From Bamboo: Various Uses Of Hand Fans

Besides, hand-fans are very useful during the summer. You must have felt the heat and humidity while traveling in a non-ac commuter. That was the point when you felt the dire need of having a hand-fan. However, alas, you couldn’t carry on! Because hand-fans might consume much space inside your hand-bag. Luckily, we have got the solution for you. We are talking about folding hand-fans.

Hand Fan Folding Bamboo Fan

These folding hand-fans are stylish and elegant. Moreover, they are one of the things made from those beautiful plants of lucky bamboo. We are enlisting the details about the products. We are sure that this product description below will make you wish to buy one of those fancy hand-fans.

You can easily carry these elegant hand-fans to the beach or a party. Moreover, you can use them with fancy attire.

Hand-Fans: Stylish And Elegant

These folding hand-fans are stylish and elegant. They are of bamboo and cloth. The print on the clothes is simple. Moreover, the floral designs on the cloth will make your hand-fan look more beautiful and elegant. These folding fans are available in different colors, and we are sure you will love all of the colors. The impressive collection of hand-fans will leave you baffled while choosing the color.

Things Made From Bamboo: Light Weight And Occupy Less Space

These hand-fans are in folding from. You can easily put it inside your vanity bag or travel bag too. So, you can easily carry them while traveling without making them occupy a considerable space.

Moreover, these folding hand-fans are lightweight. They won’t make your bag heavy. Mostly, things made from bamboo are very lightweight. This folding hand-fan is no exception. Thus, the hand-fans are portable and user-friendly. Also, while you move your hands frequently to get more air while holding them, your hands won’t feel the pain of the weight. We know it’s painful to move a hand-fan having more weight.

Traditional And Durable

These folding hand-fans are made of cloth and bamboo. These are one of the best things made of bamboo. These folding fans are of  29cm while when unfolded. They have a dimension of 22cm when folded.

There are twelve different prints and colors available online. They are available in blue, red, pink, purple, and violet color. In addition to this, sky blue, white, off white and natural bamboo colored fans are also available.

The folding fans can be easily folded and unfolded. Moreover, they are available just at $18.39. You can get this worldwide with no shipping cost.


If you are going to a party or planning to travel during your summer vacation, these folding fans are just right for you. These colorful yet simple looking fans will make you look lovely.

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