Prospects Of Green Bamboo Plants -

Prospects Of Green Bamboo Plants

Prospects of Green bamboo Plants

Green bamboo plants are evergreen. Also, they are flowering plants. They grow very fast. For instance, green bamboos can grow up to 1mm in 90 seconds. There are several prospects of green bamboo plants.  The prospects of green bamboo plants have made it very popular. The largest member of the grass family is the Giant Bamboo. Many aspects of human life use bamboo. Its durability, strength, and long-life have made the plant extremely versatile.

Climatic Condition Apt For Bamboo

Temperate climates are suitable for cultivating bamboo. It is because in such a climatic condition they grow faster. They can grow up to 3-10 cm per day during the growing period. Therefore Asia is the largest continent of bamboo cultivation. Cold temperatures are not suitable for the growth of bamboo trees. However, some hardiest bamboos are the exception to it. Hardiest bamboo species can survive in temperature as low as -29 degrees Celsius.

Prospects of Green bamboo Plants
Prospects of Green bamboo Plants

Uses Of Bamboo

Bamboos have economic value. They also have cultural significance. For instance, Asian countries use bamboo for building purposes. In addition, many cook with bamboo. The new shoots are edible. However, we should consume them after proper processing. People also prepare various cuisines using bamboo shoots. In Asia, aalu tama, gulai rebung, sayur lodeh, lun pia are among various delicacies made from bamboo. Chinese use baskets made from bamboo cane to steam dumplings.  During the rainy season, the sap of young stalks is fermented to make Ulanzi. Ulanzi is sweet wine. Chefs use bamboo leaves for wrapping dumplings. In addition, many villagers use bamboo charcoal as fuel.

Bamboo Used In Animal Diet

The giant pandas of china mostly survive on bamboo shoots, stems, and leaves. Other animals that survive on bamboo are Red Panda of Nepal, Bamboo Lemurs of Madagascar, Mountain Gorillas of Central Africa, Chimpanzees and elephants.

The Cultural Importance Of Bamboo

Because of its distinct features, in China, bamboo symbolizes uprightness, tenacity, and modesty. In addition, in many countries like India, bamboo means friendship.  The Japanese surround their Shino Shrine by bamboo trees. Bamboo provides a sacred barrier against evil. In India, people use a bamboo bed to carry the last rite of a person.

Prospects of Green bamboo Plants
Prospects of Green bamboo Plants

Modern Uses Of Bamboo

If you look around your home or office, you will find many things made from bamboo. Recently countries like China and India have started uses bamboo for building roads. Bamboo has excellent medicinal benefits. According to Ayurveda, bamboo is used to cure many diseases. In addition, bamboo is used for increasing fertility in cows. They are also used to make clothes, accessories, furniture, and rugs. Surprisingly, bamboo diapers are also made for babies. They are hygienic even after 50 washes. They are also used to make toys. Bamboo is non-toxic. Durable utensils, beer, and musical instruments are also made with bamboo.


In recent years we all have become environmentally aware. Bamboo is a sustainable product. The human race is depending on more and more renewable sources. Bamboo is a good natural resource. Planting bamboo groves helps to prevent soil erosion. In short, increasing the use of bamboos is enabling us to protect our earth.

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