The Big Bamboo Plant -

The Big Bamboo Plant

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Bamboo is an ornamental as well as an edible plant. There are thousands of varieties of bamboo plants. The big bamboo plants grow fast and are easy to cultivate. They are native to the grass family. The largest member of the grass family is the big bamboo plant. Also, the other names of giant bamboos are Dendrocalamus, Giganteus and Dragon Bamboo. We also call the big bamboo plant as the giant bamboo. Giant bamboo is a native of the tropical and sub-tropical regions of Myanmar, China, Bhutan, and Thailand. In addition, they are the tallest plant in the world.

Description Of Big Bamboo

The height of big bamboo can range from 25m to 35m. For instance, its diameter can range from 15cm to 30cm. The thickness of their wall can range from 2cm to 2.5cm. The color of the tree may also vary. The color can be dull green to dark bluish-green. When the plant is young its exterior walls are covered with a white waxy crust. Also, the length of the internodes may range from 35cm to 45cm.

The Big Bamboo Plant
The Big Bamboo Plant

The tree is clustered with many branches with one large dominant branch. The size of the leaves may vary in length and width. It may vary from 15cm to 50cm in length and from 3cm to 10cm in width. The tree has a flowering cycle of about 40 years. Under favorable circumstances, the tree can grow up to 40cm per day. The plant grows in different lengths in different regions. Along with the size, it also varies in color and appearance.

Habitats Of Big Bamboos

They grow in humid tropical highland with altitude up to 1200m. It can also grow in lowlands where the soil is rich in loam or where the alluvial soil is present. It also grows well where the humidity is very high. Planters commonly plant the plant near river banks.

Uses Of Big Bamboos

Big bamboos have high economical value. There are several commercial and household commodities that are made with it. We grow them on a large scale for its economic value. Farmers grow bamboo for construction purposes. They are largely used for paper production and the young shoots are used for vegetable products.

Commercial Use

People use the culms of the tree to make boats, scaffolding, vases, rural houses, water pipes, water pitchers, buckets, mats, boards, furniture, handicrafts, water pots, and hats. A large amount of biomass is produced by these plants. In India, manufacturers use this bamboo for bridge construction, framing walls of houses, reinforcement of concrete, ladders, floor coverings, and tiles. Villagers use the leaves of the plant to put a roof over houses and concretes.

The Big Bamboo Plant
The Big Bamboo Plant


The various uses of the plant make it an exceptional plant. They are easy to grow. The growth is spectacular. They also spread very quickly which is why it is difficult to destroy them completely. The plant demands the least maintenance and no artificial fertilizers. They grow with the help of their own decomposed leaves which provides them the nutrients which they require.

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