Learn About The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants

The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants

Golden Bamboo plants are mesmerizing. The plant got this name because of its beautiful yellow color. Golden bamboo is widely known as yellow groove bamboo. It is an evergreen, invasive perennial plant. It is said that the golden bamboo is native to China and was introduced in the United States in the year 1882. This plant can survive cold temperatures up to 10 degrees Celsius. The height of the plant varies from 16 feet to 40 feet. The golden bamboo plants are so mesmerizing that it is commonly used in landscaping or gardening. T

It is also known as “Phyllostachys Aurea”. It is also said to be from the running bamboo family. Its yellow groovy color makes it very graceful in appearance. It’s a lovely plant to be in the garden because of its straight upward growth. The rustling sound it makes when the breeze flows is also very soothing. The beautiful yellow canes give the plant a very oriental look. Once we establish it, it is very difficult to remove the golden bamboo. It is because the roots of the plant spread wide into the ground.

The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants
The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants

Common Names Of This Evergreen Oriental Plant

We call the plant by different names in different regions. Some of the most common names are:

  • Fish pole bamboo
  • Monk’s belly bamboo
  • Fairyland bamboo

Uses Of The Golden Bamboo Plant

The golden bamboo purifies the air we breathe. This plant filters the toxins of the air and helps oxygenate the environment.  In addition, people carry out many art and craft projects with this plant. Artisans make things like candle stand, frames, fences, wall hanging, vases, etc. with this bamboo.

It is very popular for making fishing poles. The plant can also be grown to make privacy screening. Possibly, it forms an excellent visual and sound barrier. It is an excellent choice when grown as bonsai plants. The plant is also used in restaurants to give the customers an oriental, attractive look when they dine.

In addition to the above, it adds style to any landscape. The golden color of the plant gives any landscape a priceless attractive look. Also, its straight upward growth makes it easy to maintain.

Bamboo leaves- Its Types And Benefits
Bamboo leaves- Its Types And Benefits

How To Plant Golden Bamboo

We can take a cutting of the golden bamboo from one joint to the other and plant it in a pot. It will easily propagate. We can grow bamboos in a wooden or unglazed pot. As they are more porous it will help insulate the bamboo roots from the heat. Gardners should fertilize the bamboo once a month. Do not water the bamboos every day. Water it in 3 or 4 days depending upon the weather condition. Once you grow a golden bamboo in the garden it is very difficult to remove it.

The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants
The Mesmerizing Golden Bamboo Plants


The golden bamboo gives a very relaxing and natural atmosphere to the garden or any landscape. It is very popular for years for its graceful and attractive appearance.

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