Uses Of Bamboo Poles As Sustainable Timber

Bamboo Poles 'Sustainable Timber'

Bamboo poles are sustainable timber. Therefore, we can utilize it as a building material for scaffolding, bridges, houses, fishing rods and many more. Bamboo poles are very strong Timber. It has consolidated the strength of concrete and steel. Also, with creativity and commitment, one can create magical beauty using bamboo poles. Bamboo poles are sustainable timber and it will remain with us for infinite years to come only if we use it in the correct way.

Things Made With Bamboo Poles

We can make a variety of things with bamboo poles. For example, Fishing rods, stilts, sports goals, boats, bridges, fish traps, slides, bicycles, wheelchair, bow and arrow, furniture, cupholder, ladders, bee houses, toys, aquarium caves, beds, bike rack, curtain, roofs can all be made with this bamboo.

Bamboo Poles 'Sustainable Timber'
Bamboo Poles ‘Sustainable Timber’

Types Of Bamboo Poles:

TONKIN- Pseudosasa amabilis is also known as Tonkin’s. People also know them as Tea Sticks. They are small in diameter and is used to make fly roads and used as plant support sticks.

NIGRA- Also called as Black bamboo. It is small in diameter. We popularly use it as decorative woodworks.

MOSO-Phyllostachys edulis is also known as moso. It is large in diameter. It is use for construction purpose and composite flooring.

TAIL- Gigantochloa Apus is often referred to as tail bamboo. Medium in diameter is a native of Indonesia. Constructers use it for scaffolding and building material for bridges.

JAVA BLACK-  The bamboo is commonly known as black bamboo. It is medium in diameter and a native to Indonesia. Because of its black color, it is used for making musical instruments, furniture and for fencing.

GUADUA – the scientific name for guadua bamboo poles is Guadua angustifolia. It is large in diameter and is a native to South America. It has extraordinary strength. Builders and architects use them a lot for construction purposes.

Case Study

‘Elora Hardy’  is a woman who has made magical houses using bamboo poles. She says “bamboo treat you well if you use it right”.  She also tells that there are 1450 species of bamboo growing all over the world but we use only 7 of them. Bamboo is strong, has the strength of Steel and compressive strength of concrete. She says she chooses bamboo to build houses because it is very sustainable.

Bamboo is strong, elegant, earthquake resistant and a ‘sustainable timber’.

Over the past 5 to 6 years, she has built unique structures in Bali. Nine of them are green villages which are surrounded by veggie Gardens and filled with spoke furniture. She also has built upgraded mushroom houses and classrooms for children. She used the poles to construct restaurants with open end kitchen. In addition, she also built a bridge about 22 meters long with bamboo poles. With craftsmen and artisans,  she has managed to make something extraordinarily magical.

Bamboo Poles 'Sustainable Timber'
Bamboo Poles ‘Sustainable Timber’


We should protect, respect, design it for its strength and make the most of its curves. With creativity and commitment, one can create remarkable structures and products using bamboo poles.

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